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shoe market has been a battlefield without smoke, at any time, change unpredictably raging like a stormThis is not , old America recently released the first quarter of 2017 the shoes Market Report The list of big brother position, once again replaced the master, ask you to eat soil . TOP1 AirJordan6 had to admire AirJordan's strong appeal, once again proved that who is the king of shoes list believe that Jordan laughed again in the heart of AirJordan6 needless to say, the first quarter sales fully deserve the king, Bugs Bunny color really nice Na as ordinary people, I will think of a pair of goods in Putian, after all the work without a conscience, key, eat soil days TOP2 NikeAirHuarache is not difficult to find in the street, now consumers have expectations and requirements for shoes more On the foot of Wallace with a dazzling sense of science and technology and the appearance of comfortable feeling, won the second position listDesign of band of the heel, first let me cheap jordan shoes for men see she was fascinated by the full, there is no wind Ninja does not believe that Putian is the strongest man, China manufacturing industry reputation is not just to! let us take a dance for the Putian air show, the brothers cheer TOP3 adidasSuperstarAs a senior rival Adidas did not let us down, firmly took the third position with the rising trend of retro, can get the list of the third position, to be honest I don't have much surprised After all, last year total annual sales champion is adidasSuperstar confirms the old saying goes, a timeless classic is classic TOP4 AirJordan13 did not know that I appreciate the level of problem or other reasons, I have been to Joe 13 is not very cold looked at the soles of the feet of the "big toe" feel what is wrong, but I can not say what is wrong, it was a little awkward different scholars have different views, different people have different views that later I found may be the color of the reason, this pair of black and white cheap jordans online I feel pretty (manual comic) TOP5 AirJordan4 list of the top 5 there are 3 styles of AirJordan, I want to say old beauty is how love doing and AJ culture but without AJ1 aside, AJ4 can be said to be the most I can move the AJ style 〉 ask, which boy has no such dream? 1 for shoe obsessed, men should know, "it is electricity, it is light, it is only a myth", each new certainly is a reign of terror...... can't grab it or the price is high. Oh, ~~~~ can not buy, we can see ah, following Kazakhstan Ni introduced these 10 "God shoes", that is handsome, do not want, let's see first, as soon as possible! 1.UNDEFEATEDxNikeAirHuarache Nike recently from Losangeles Avenue CrenshawBlvd and "Lowrider" car culture inspiration, again with Losangeles automotive history as inspiration, the launch of the UNDEFEATEDxNikeAirHuarache style, this time to create blue suede uppers, plus sign paint after stents, again a continuation of Losangeles automobile classic background 2.AirJordan1Lo Cheap air jordans for sale wNS "Whiteout" I feel this classic type of shoes retro charm, but exquisite leather texture, plus tongue and heel is more fine leather labels, more strong fashion taste covered with a sense of movement 3.NikeKyrieII "4thofJuly" full color shoes is based on the flag of the United States, by the big blue magic pace binding with Fuse as adjuvant in the upper, enlarge the design before the end surface, the more unique 4.MaisonKitsuné xReebok Reebok and French fashion brand MaisonKitsuné launch the latest Reebokinstapumpfury joint shoes. The whole design is made up of the red, blue and white symbols of the French flag. It shows a strong French style, 5.adidasNMDXR1 "PinStripe" adidasNMDXR1 "PinStripe" is already a new color with fifth exposures. All black Boost with low stripe upper, so that the whole pair of shoes shrouded in black, deep cool sense of 6.adidasNMDR1 "Panda" is still a new color NMDR1, panda black / White / Pink fusion, more show its unique charm, an Retro jordans for sale d pure black block elements as the only dark existence, their pure fashion read, just want to say, true ~ handsome deep!Nike LunarGlide + 4 wolf gray color exposure 2013-12-08 22:29:48 Today, we introduce a Nike LunarGlide + 4 wolf gray color, the overall color and shoes before Fireberry very similar. Gray wolf vamp overall use as the main color, very low key, but the sky blue and deep pink color as embellishment, this pair Nike LunarGlide + 4 overall looks very futuristic, the end of the dot-designed to make Lunar even some technology trends taste, this Nike LunarGlide + 4 is now on sale, like a friend can look at.Chinese shoes Network November 4 hearing, you may have noticed, Changsha street Adidas, Nike and other brand-name sports socks everywhere. Night market place, there is 10 yuan seven pairs of "brand name socks." In fact, selling fake brand-name sports socks had become a living, to feed a lot of so-called "businessman." Reporter survey found that imitation brand-name sport cheap jordans for sale s socks Changsha on the market come from Shaoyang, Zhejiang, Guangdong, Shenyang and other places. Provincial Fiber Inspection Bureau experts pointed out that these socks for more than a logo, can not guarantee that all the indicators qualified. "brand-name socks," 10 yuan seven pairs, "Shaoyang making" & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; "best-selling brand-name sports socks, young people are like." Yuelu District Tak Chee student apartment door peddlers Shaw Park boss told reporters. Reporters saw its booth "Adi", "Nike", "Li Ning", "361 degree" and other brands of athletic socks, everything, the price of 10 yuan seven pairs. & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; from former reporter found a booth near Shaw bristling a wooden sign that says "socks wholesale, direct selling, welcome to join, contact phone 132 ********" . Stall told reporters that this batch of socks street from her home, her family's socks also sent to Xiangxiang, Xiangtan, Loudi, Yiyang and other places. & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; the re Retro jordans for sale porter went to the stall said wholesale store, the store about 10 square meters, filled with all kinds of socks, various sports brands have. The store owner surnamed Xie, who are Shaoyang trafficking socks in 2056, and "I'm the agent Shaoyang, Shanghai, Shenyang three manufacturers of socks, sport socks and mainly based cartoon socks." Shopkeeper gave reporters a business cards, in addition to contact details above, there is an ABC account. & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; shopkeeper, said: "According to my request Shaoyang manufacturers build each brand logo socks, and then sent me here, other vendors the money hit my account, I'll pass Takahashi Logistics shipped to him, more than 1000 pairs wholesale free shipping. "Then he took out the previous bill to reporters. & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; shopkeeper, he and manufacturers signed 1.2 million pairs of socks each year of the contract, profits 30% to 40% by the end manufacturers will rebate 1%. & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; According to him, Chang Cheap air jordan 12 ovo sha, his only one priced at direct socks wholesale point, but there are other traders told reporters that sales Changsha imitation brand-name sports socks, wholesale focused on Takahashi, Wuyi Avenue, University City three regions, large wholesale point there are about eight. & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; one day retail netted more than 700 yuan & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; the owner is responsible for receiving, shipping and keep the shop, his wife in charge of retail. When the best business, his wife netted 700 yuan a day. The best time out of his day more than 10,000 yuan wholesale socks. & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; he told reporters want wholesale socks, shopkeeper gave reporters a price of a single column. On the market 10 yuan seven pairs of fake designer socks wholesale price of 0.8 yuan -1.05 yuan / double, 10 yuan three pairs of the wholesale price of 2 yuan / double (men), 1.8 yuan / double (Ms). He said: "10 yuan three pairs of socks produced in Shenyang, 10 yuan seven pairs of imita cheap jordans for sale mens tion goods produced in Shaoyang." & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; socks consumption tends to be "one-off" & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; reporters from shopkeepers say that, before the sale of the Changsha market imitation brand-name sports socks are 10 yuan three pairs, but business is very prosperous. This year in April, after 10 yuan seven pairs of socks appear, obviously a lot to sell. The former cotton content of 85%, which is 60 percent cotton content. & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; like sports yellow classmate, it is a long-term consumer imitation brand socks. He said: "a couple of dollars, then you can directly throw away." & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; quotes & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; 1 two true-socks = 18 pairs of fake Nike socks & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; reporter learned from the market, genuine sports socks, "Anta" be cheaper, Ms. socks were priced at 16 yuan / double, "Adidas" There are 68 yuan / double socks. "Nike" socks, the most expensive but also 25 yuan / double, while the same 25 yua Cheap air jordan 12 for sale online free shipping n at least be able to buy 18 pairs of fake Nike sports socks. & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; Industry Development Co., Ltd. Changsha, a sports official told reporters that the company is not worried about the impact the sales of imitation goods genuine, know what people are well aware of brand reputation genuine. & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; expert opinion & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; socks not only see the cotton content & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; genuine sports socks ingredients, in addition to cotton, there are polyester, spandex, nylon and other ingredients, a salesperson Street Li Ning sporting goods dealer told reporters, "polyester and spandex and other ingredients are socks used to ensure flexibility. Look high and low quality socks, not just look at cotton content, moreover, the amount of the flea cotton socks can not be guaranteed. " & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; Hunan Provincial Fiber Inspection Bureau Monitoring Center main Renxie Hui told reporters, socks and other textiles for testing mand cheap foamposites atory, it recommended two criteria. Mandatory standards testing products of formaldehyde content, PH value, decomposable aromatic amine dyes, color fastness, etc. are qualified, whether there is smell. Recommended standards are factory standard, mainly to see whether the test results and product identification components considerably. Socks unmarked belong to the "three non-product", various indicators are not guaranteed. Consumers buy textiles, first look at whether there is product identification, do not they only cheap, but for their unnecessary damage.Following the NIKEiD Metcon 2 to open a new customization options, the Nike also followed for the full range of training shoes launched the official design. The continuation of the design of the main line before the use of breathable mesh constitute a shoe body, also equipped with Flywire structure system with double density sole, flexible foot stability and further enhance the overall security, whether it is sports, horse climbing training or heavyweight fitness training, can easily deal with. nike-metacon-2-02.jpg (71.7 KB, download number: 2) download Nike Metcon 2 2016-1-24 17:07 upload nike-metacon-2-04.jpg (85.91 KB, download number: 2) download Nike Metcon 2 2016-1-24 17:07 upload nike-metacon-2-01.jpg (67.41 KB, download number: 2) download Nike Metcon 2 2016-1-24 17:07 upload nike-metacon-2-05.jpg (64.55 KB, download number: 2) download Nike Metcon 2 2016-1-24 17:07 upload nike-metacon-2-03.jpg (117.77 KB, download number: 2) download Nike Metcon 2 2016-1-24 17:07 upload nike-metacon-2-06.jpg (83.68 KB, download number: 2) download Nike Metcon 2 2016-1-24 17:07 upload return of the king, sports shoes, gym, safety, Nike 00 : two pairs of women's long cylinder boots 400 yuan, a pair of kangaroo brand sports shoes 100 yuan, a pair of lamb shoes, warm leather shoes 220 yuan...... Spent less than 800 yuan, Mr. Tan home Hongxing Road section of the home. In yesterday's launch of the procurement Festival "shoes storm" activities, a total of more than 50 thousand pairs of shoes were snapped up by the people of Chengdu. And can be called luxury Italy original leather shoes also sell hundreds of pairs, Chengdu people's spending power, really let Italy shoes businessmen sit up and take notice. just after 9 in the morning, in the shopping section exhibition area on the third floor of the store on the hot up, each booth is surrounded by people who came to pick shoes. Shoes, boots, sports shoes, casual shoes, fashion shoes, children shoes, varieties, the price is cheaper than the mall, general women's shoes in 100 yuan, 200 yuan in the winter boots, and like the golden shield, holy Roland brand men's shoes in around 180 yuan. "I want a pair of size 37."." "I want two pairs."!"...... The scene, many new styles of shoes were sold. "I didn't expect so many people. It seems that Chengdu made women's shoes are still popular."." The boss Lin engaged in foreign trade shoes told reporters that the production of shoes have been exported to Russia by OEM, next year's strategy is to create their own brands to develop the domestic retail market, "such a good sales also increased our confidence!" In order to ensure the sale of the next few days, yesterday afternoon, most businesses also urgent transfer goods from the factory, the style and size are filled. "China is indeed a big consumer market."." The participants of the Italy footwear manufacturers is also dedicated to the stores were investigated, vice chairman of the Italy Footwear Manufacturers Association of Bahrain told reporters that at present, Italy shoe industry attaches great importance to Chinese market promotion association is China an "I love Italy shoes", Chengdu is seeking a partner to help the shoe store, by the association set up a complete Italian style and brand, this project to further enhance bilateral trade exchanges, let more Italy brand shoes to China people's feet. (Editor: admin)